The Arrow Caddie is the only Quiver that truly protects & stores your arrows all in one light weight package.

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The Arrow Caddie is the only Quiver that truly protects & stores your arrows all in one light weight package. The Arrow Caddie is fully adjustable & holds arrow up to 32 inches in length. The legs automatically open when you push down on them and retract when you pick the Caddie up off the ground. It comes with a fully adjustable strap and a business card holder for personalization. This is a great product for the beginner to advanced archer. Check it out on eBay or Amazon. You can also see it in full use on You Tube. Just look up TYKE Outdoor Products or Arrow Caddie. Arrow Caddie Quiver by: TYKE Outdoor...

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New Arrow Caddy Available Now

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TYKE Outdoor Products is announcing the release of the ARROW CADDIE, (ARROW CADDY) as the first product out for the newly established company ( The concept of the ARROW CADDIE not only allows the archery enthusiast to store their arrows securely, but it also acts as a standing quiver, allowing the archer to carry their arrows with them and then stand it up when target shooting. This makes the ARROW CADDIE great for 3D shooting or just target practice in the backyard or local archery range. There are plenty of arrow tubes out there but the ARROW CADDIE takes it a step further by protecting and storing your arrows. It’s light weight and easy to carry using the fully adjustable strap.  I’ve been using and storing my arrows in my ARROW CADDIE for the past year and it works great. You need to check it out! Hope you have a great day of shooting!   The ARROW CADDIE is currently available at the following stores:   Wilderness Archery                       Rocklin, CA.                                  (916)-630-8700 Absolute Archery                            Shingle Spring, CA                     (530)-672-1002 Mosquito Creek Outfitters          Placerville, CA                 (530)-621-4500 Lodi Archery                                      Lockeford, CA                                            (209)-727-7116 Rendezvous Primitive Arms       Ione, CA                              (209)-274-4501 Jerry’s Archery                                  Stockton, CA                                      (209)-941-4870 Pacifica Archery                               Daly City, CA                                       (650)-756-4868 Sportsmen’s Supply                       Campbell, CA                              (408)-377-0647 TYKE Outdoor Products                 Avery, CA                                                                  (209)-985-4023   If you are a retailer and interested in selling the ARROW CADDIE, please contact Tim Bottomley at: TYKE Outdoor Products                                       P.O. Box 434                                                              Avery, CA 95224...

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